Refresh, Rejuvenate
& Re-energize
An oasis of wellness and calm in the heart of Bangalore. REFLEXOLOGY GIVE YOURSELF A MOMENT TO MASSAGES THERAPIES
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Therapeutic Massages & Reflexology Therapies
Therapies at URBAN UNWIND are not just massages, it is a spiritual exercise that leads to alternative healing. So, what is URBAN UNWIND therapeutic massage? Our trained practitioners at our wellness spa follow the science behind the massage and reflex areas.

Our massage not only pampers your body and mind but it soothes your soul. If you are under treatment for various conditions, our massage compliments your treatment and makes your road to recovery quicker and joyful. URBAN UNWIND is not only good for post-operative or palliative care but it is also a great treatment for conditions like stress, anxiety, body aches, hormonal imbalances, insomnia amongst others.

So look no further.

refresh, rejuvenate & re-energize


URBAN UNWIND is a Wellness Spa bringing healing, wellness and beauty services offered through a variety of therapeutic massages and professional reflexology aimed at improving the well-being of our clients. Our comfortable environment offers a relaxing and peaceful space designed to enhance the wellness experiences of our clients during their visit to URBAN UNWIND. We have a team of professional, dedicated and internationally certified staff who will work closely with the individual, corporate clients to provide the best services possible.

A wide range of different treatments are available from Foot Reflexology, back reflexology, facial lymphatic drainage, deep tissue & sports rehabilitation, Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage, Tok Sen therapy, advanced yoga and assisted passive stretching, prenatal & postnatal, and body lymphatic drainage therapy, all are designed further enhance the positive energy flow in the body.

Our therapies are based on “Health & Intellect are two blessings of Life” - Menander.

Specialized sports therapies for the "athlete world" to ensure a speedy recovery from injuries and fatigue, making you a winner and helping you to perform at your very best.
Our dedicated team of proreflex therapists ensure higher productivity and positively impact employee morale by providing reflexology sessions for Corporate India.

An Oasis Of Wellness and Calm In the Heart Of Bangalore!