ProReflex is a health and wellness center offering a variety of therapeutic services aimed at improving the well-being of our clients. Our comfortable environment offers a relaxing and peaceful space designed to enhance the wellness experiences of our clients during their visit to ProReflex. We have a team of professional, dedicated and internationally certified staff who will work closely with the individual, corporate clients to provide the best services possible.

A wide range of different treatments are available from Foot Reflexology, back reflexology, facial lymphatic drainage, deep tissue & sports rehabilitation, Tok Sen therapy, advanced yoga and assisted passive stretching, prenatal & postnatal, and body lymphatic drainage therapy, all are designed further enhance the positive energy flow in the body.

Our ProReflex centre is founded upon the traditional Nuad Bo Rarn therapy principles of Yin and Yang Energy. The core focus of our service is illness prevention through a proactive approach combined with holistic treatments. We will use the Nuad Bo Rarn principles in different treatments to generate positive energy flow increasing the balance of our client’s bodies in order to improve their health.


What our
customers say

  • Dr. Reena, the foot & back reflexology treatment you gave me was very relaxing. It eased up all my tense nerves and muscles. Thank you!
    Vani Ganapathy
    Bangalore, India
  • Most soothing and healing reflexology. I have been using the service for 2 years and it always relaxes me fully. Anyone who helps people live healthier happier lives is worth your patronage.
    Dr. Suchitra Kaul Misra
    Bangalore, India
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    Katarina Johnes