Dr. Ravneet Grewal

I dream of being the conduit of healing and helping people recover from physical and mental pain, that arises from the intense need to always race mindlessly towards unknown goals that sometimes is not achievable.

In this personal passion, I endeavour to wholeheartedly practise the ancient science of the Nuad Bo-Rarn therapies and Reflexology, that I have been blessed to receive training for individuals and groups. The focus of my practice has been spiritual in nature. The main focus is towards helping people heal from physical pain, mental depression, body image problems, anxiety and poor self-esteem. I believe that life is an amalgamation of our experiences. The humility that arises from this collective experience is reflective in the warmth and informal relationship I share with my students and customers.

In all humility, I describe myself as an advanced practitioner and teacher, trainer in Nuad Bo Rarn and Reflexology therapies.

With the world becoming busy, touch becomes the most priceless gift for most individuals. I seek the magic from the universe with my folded hands and as I pass on the energy from Mother Earth and into the nodal points of the human body, that gently heals and resurrects itself with the ancient science of Indian healthcare and reflexology, in my practice as an wellness expert. _____ “When a woman contemplates motherhood, her friends tell her it will change her life. It would be more accurate for them to say, ‘You will no longer have what you now call your life. ‘You will have a different life’- Harriet Lerner My realization is, that healing is within the sanctum of each individual and in the consciousness of our soul, that which is manifested in a healthy physical body, from our sacred space of growth and life knowledge.